Thanda Safari Lodge – so much to love

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10 BEST Places to Visit in Madagascar

#Madagascar is the largest island in #Africa and is bit expensive but the country is very cheap

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Top Countries You Must Visit In Your Lifetime | Bel Around The World

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8 maravillas naturales en peligro por culpa del turismo – Descubrir

Que los seres humanos estamos destrozando la naturaleza no es un secreto para nadie.

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Morukuru Beach Lodge – a hidden gem

Morukuru Beach Lodge Review I’d never seen a starfish in its natural environment before. [Read More]

How to Say Hello in 100 Different Languages So You Can Greet Anyone

Before you visit a country, it’s smart to learn how to say hello. [Read More]

The Healthy Voyager Seychelles Part 1 | The Healthy Voyager

Join me for a fantastic, fun and ocean filled adventure in The Seychelles!

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