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How To Know If A Wine Is Natural – GRAPE REVIVAL

Tips and Tricks To Finding and Buying Natural Wine – Beyond The Certified Organic Logo​.

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Ep 8: Face Four Fears Holding You Back by CREATE with Katrina Julia

Many of us struggle with facing our fear factors. We often feel like "our minds are playing tricks on us". For some of us, we grew up in a household where there was a lot of fear around security, money, and having enough. Most people grew up seeing their loved ones help others pursue their dreams. As the landscape has changed, and entrepreneurship is more accessible than ever, many of us are taking risks far beyond what our parents or those that raised us took. As a result, our fear factors arise to protect us.  One of the easiest ways to Face Four Fear Factors Holding You Back is to first recognize this is a brain behavior to protect us. It is also important to have both compassion with ourselves, and a no nonsense attitude that we will overcome our fears period.  On this episode, I will help you Face Four Fears Holding You Back so that you create a life and business you love. You will explore and experience the Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Fear of Regret, Fear of Poverty.  I share examples of my own story so that you know I relate and face my fears all the time. I move my own mindset and breakthrough the barriers to help others do the same. More importantly, helping you feel more empowered than ever before. For over 15 years, I struggled with facing fears, breaking through barriers, and creating what I love.  Until I got clear on who I was, facing fears, and breaking through brain behaviors and barriers, I stayed stuck. Once I shifted my mindset to focus on facing the fears, being compassionate, being patientm and giving grace to myself and others, the pathway to creating a life and business I love became clear. This helped me help others as well. Once I faced fears and broke through the barriers in my own brain to be the hero in the story, and more importantly serve others, my world and everything in it changed. Here is to you getting crystal clear to transform and inspire and Face Four Fears Holding You Back. Hear all about Face Four Fears Holding You Back in Episode 8. ps. visit https://www.fitlifecreation.com for the free 14 Day Challenge in Health, Wealth, and Business. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/create-with-katrina-julia/support

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