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Where To Stay In Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is the very definition of a success story, having undergone a renaissance that transformed this once infamous city into ...

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Carnival Victory Officially Renamed Carnival Radiance | Eat Sleep Cruise

Carnival Victory has been officially renamed Carnival Radiance, debuting from Long Beach, CA in December following a $200 million makeover.

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The Phoenician Scottsdale and The Phoenician Spa

Some names just fit. Take the Phoenician Scottsdale, a luxurious spa resort in Arizona. [Read More]

Bilbao: from industrial ugly duckling to designer swan

Thanks to the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao has transformed itself from an ugly industrial duckling into [Read More]

Ep 156: 3 Ways to Be an Overcomer (and Insights from Overcomer Movie) by CREATE with Katrina Julia

In the last several years, many teachings and training have transformed my life. These transformation training and events have helped me be an overcomer in many ways in life. Years ago, I would have never imagined that a movie would help me be an overcomer and contribute to my transformation story.   https://www.fitlifecreation.com/post/3-ways-to-be-an-overcomer-in-life-and-insights-from-overcomer-movie   I went and saw The Overcomer Movie the first day it released in Atlanta, GA. From the first time I saw the preview of the Overcomer Movie, I knew I wanted (and needed to go see it right away). I prayed and set an intention of Freedom before going to see the movie. Freedom is my word for 2019 as well. As a result, many (if not all) of my choices have been directed by this word.   Some of you may have seen the movie War Room The same creators of War Room, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, created this movie. I have legit seen War Room over 15 times. The movie War Room and the book, Fervent by Priscilla Shirer (also in both movies), have blessed me in many ways.   I want you to know that in no way, shape, or form is the post sponsored or paid for. My movie ticket was also my own purchase. I am deeply passionate about sharing knowledge and anything that resonates with me that may help you as well.   That is why I am sharing about this movie and 3 Ways to Be an Overcomer in Life (and insights from Overcomer movie.     3 Ways to Be an Overcomer in Life (and Insights into Overcomer Movie)   I'm sharing 3 ways to be an overcomer in life. You will learn 3 ways that will help you repeatedly overcome different things in your life. I am no stranger to overcoming challenges and tragedies in life. My family immigrated from Europe to the United States when I was two years old.   We lived in a refuge camp when I was less than a year old. We moved from Europe to two states. Like many of us, I have walked through challenges in childhood. I walked through an abusive relationship in my late teens. I walked through undergraduate, graduate school, and over 7+ industries.   I overcame losing over 55+ lbs after years of trying. I transformed my passion and purpose with our Creator over the last 5+ years and continue to. I am overcoming generational challenges in wealth towards freedom and legacy. One of my best friends, Janelle passed away from cancer in 2013.   These are some highlights of ways I am an overcomer in life so you know I am here with you. Like many of us, I have been punched in the face and gut by life. But God. The 3 Ways I am sharing to be an overcomer come from the movie and years of experience and insight.   After I saw the movie, I went to the Chattahoochee River here in Atlanta and journaled for 3+ hours. I recommend when you go see the movie, you pray for what is on your heart and spend time alone after. It will help you in countless ways to transform and overcome in your mind and life.   Before you go further, ask yourself what would you love to overcome the most? Is it really the issue? What is your struggle or hardship teaching you about yourself? Often times, our most painful seasons are tied to our greatest purpose.   CREATE IN OUR COMMUNITY   1 FREEBIE LIBRARY TO CREATE A LIFE + BIZ YOU LOVE   2 ONLINE EXPERIENCES FOR LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP     3 LIVE EXPERIENCES AND RETREATS FOR LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION + ENTREPRENEURSHIP   4 LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR INFLUENCER + BRAND COLLABORATIONS   5 BRAND INTEGRATIONS WITH WELLNESS, MEDIA, TRAVEL, AND LIFESTYLE    Along with hands-on activities + how to's + behind the scenes in online + live experiences with FIT Life Creation: Lifestyle Brand: Health, Wealth, Biz in 1   Think Amazon Meets Airbnb for Transformation with Influencer Marketing (Revolve / Like it to Knowit) and Fundraising Twist. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/create-with-katrina-julia/support

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