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Twelfth Night at the Banqueting House, 1617 | London Heritage Hotspots

Here’s a party with everything: romance, international diplomacy, heartbreak, money, power, you

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Actress Kate Santley, the hissing audience, and her ghost | London Heritage Hotspots

In 1874 London actress Kate Santley had to take her audience to court.

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Canada in Westminster Abbey: Railways | London Heritage Hotspots

There’s more of Canada in Westminster Abbey than we might think.

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Admiral Beatty – Trafalgar Square stories | London Heritage Hotspots

I’m not the first to say that Admiral Beatty’s story would make a great Hollywood movie.

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94 Piccadilly: The In and Out and a dastardly attack on Queen Victoria | London Heritage Hotspots

It was one of the most unusual of crimes, and it happened at 94 Piccadilly, known now as the In

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