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Ep 128: How to Create and Launch an Online Course in a Week Sneak Peek to Book and Course by CREATE with Katrina Julia...

How to Create + Launch Your Online Course in a Week…Like a Boss   SNEAK PEEK TO THE BOOK   Wel [Read More]

Ep 128: How to Create and Launch an Online Course in a Week Sneak Peek to Book and Course by CREATE with Katrina Julia

How to Create + Launch Your Online Course in a Week...Like a Boss   SNEAK PEEK TO THE BOOK   Welcome to How to Create and Launch Your Course in a Week or less.   Welcome to How To Create and Launch a Course in a Week. Yes, in a Week.   This five-step system is going take you through the tips, the tools, the technology, hands-on, and behind the scenes with everything you need to create and launch a course. I wish I had this a year, two years, five years ago. It would have simplified and sped up so many things in my life and saved time and saved money.   So, do you feel like there isn't enough time, technology and how to create a course or an online business overwhelms you? You aren't sure where to start, you want it easy, you want it simple, you want it fast, and most importantly you want to have results and you want to get out of your own way?   So why did I focus on How to Create + Launch a Course in a Week?   It creates urgency, action, and execution faster. It's going to save you time, it will simplify tech, it's going to clear the clutter so that you see clearly. Because there's so much noise out there, you guys, so many different tools, so many different coaches, teaching things in a month, in three months, in a year and giving you the high-level theory and the insight or the steps but elongated, oftentimes. And what do I mean by that?   That you get excited, but you have no idea what order to do things in, and what tools to use. Basically, what typically happens is a month, three months, six months, or a lifetime passes because of the overwhelm in execution. What I've learned through my own journey is when you match education with a sense of urgency then you will finish fast and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.   So, for example, some of you may or may not know, I actually got an opportunity and I applied for The Apprentice T.V. show back in 2005 and I was actually selected as a finalist.   So I was screaming at the credit union when I found out and I made it to the second round. They interviewed me again and I didn't make it to be on the show but I did make it to work as a consultant for the NBC production team in New York City at Trump Towers. And no, I did not meet the Donald, that's the question I get a lot.   What I did learn is it is possible to get things done FAST. Supersonic FAST. In the six weeks that I was there, we worked with brands like Best Buy, Insurance Company, Shania Twain, Sony, XM Radio, so many different amazing things.   My eyes were massively opened to the possibility of the size of projects that could be done in 1-3 days with the right focus, tools, tech, and team. I also experienced this myself from then on in over 7+ industries including building an education and training department for a company with 50+ locations initially on my own (strategy + structure) and what I call divine downloads, then with technology, then with a team of five people for an Oil + Gas company, a financial education platform, an Internal Audit Department with technology and subsidiaries, and our lifestyle brand - FIT Life Creation - our courses, experiences, influencer platforms to name a few.   The biggest asset you have is your mind, the ability to focus, eliminate all excuses, and complete the project. PERIOD. I learned it is possible to accomplish super fast when you are focused, when you are committed to something, see the vision, and will not quit.   So create it, the life and the business you love. The time is now.   https://www.fitlifecreation.com/post/how-to-create-launch-your-online-course-in-a-week-like-a-boss-sneak-peek-to-the-book   CREATE IN OUR COMMUNITY     1 FIT LIFE CREATION GIVEAWAYS   WE LOVE CREATING WHAT WE LOVE + CELEBRATING YOU DOING IT! POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND TAG @FITLIFECREATION @KATRINAJULIAFIT  #FITLIFECREATION #CREATEIT AND YOU WILL BE ENTERED TO WIN OUR REGULAR GIVEAWAYS! THIS COULD BE A CHALLENGE, MASTERMIND, EVENT, AND MORE!   2  CREATION CLUB: FREE 14 DAY CHALLENGE SNEAK --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/create-with-katrina-julia/support

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