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How to Say Hello in 100 Different Languages So You Can Greet Anyone

Before you visit a country, it’s smart to learn how to say hello. [Read More]

I’ve Found Ways to Save Money on Everything. Even a Dock. – The Travel 100

Dock Tales, Part 7

I’ve got a well-deserved reputation for being thrifty.

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Insider Secrets to Scoring Cheap Cruises | Eat Sleep Cruise

While we love to cruise, everyone hates overpaying for their trips.

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Cruise News February 12th Edition | Eat Sleep Cruise

This week, we finally have mostly positive cruise headlines!

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The Wazir Khan Mosque of Lahore (Pakistan)

Thankfully, there’s an amusing anecdote regarding how I learned of the Wazir Khan Mosque.

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Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Cruise | Eat Sleep Cruise

Are you planning your first cruise vacation?

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Learning about the wars of the past will teach us to be careful of our actions

It is sad when parts of our history keeps repeating itself, it is as though humanity hasn’t le [Read More]

IGTV: How to Set Up Your Channel on Instagram’s Video in 2020 with Better Marketing Via Medium: Social Media Features by CREATE with Katrina...

Since creating content and learning digital marketing over the last 5+ years, I have learned being an early adopter pays off. The same applies more than ever for IGTV on Instagram. https://medium.com/better-marketing/igtv-how-to-set-up-your-channel-on-instagrams-video-in-2020-47efd4187a95?source=friends_link&sk=3df00a1bf1752fb6f6d2395f728304df   Free Webinars & Programs including our In a Day Series: https://www.fitlifecreation.com/programs I’m not here to tell you why you want to be on IGTV yesterday — I’m here to show you how you may start your IGTV channel now. Let’s be smart with social media and monetizing our message. I’m sharing what I wish I knew about IGTV when I started to help you get results faster. Social Series: Smart Social pt 1 Blogging Better pt 2 Website Wonder pt 3 Video Like a Boss pt 4 Course Creator pt 5   Features: Feature 6: Don't Ask Google, Ask Fercci & Her Story Feature 7: Good, Grow, Great CEO & Founder Thalia Feature 8: Ways to Create Content Like a Boss Feature 9: How to Set Your IGTV Channel Feature 10: Ways to Market and Monetize Your Business Online & In Real-Life Feature 11: How to Grow Your Podcast Like a Boss in 2020 Feature 12: Social Shake Up Show & Social Media ROI Feature 13: Afluence Influencer Feature Feature 14: Rebroadcast with @EasyLivingToday Feature 15: Rebroadcast with @LighttravelsFaster   Next Series: Influencer Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Brands, and Agency   Let's CREATE!   Tag us on social media for a chance to win one of our giveaways: a month in the mastermind, a course, and/or event ticket! @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation #createitgiveaway #createit #fitlifecreation   FIT Life Creation: Lifestyle Brand: Health, Wealth, Biz in 1   Think Amazon Meets Airbnb for Transformation with Influencer Marketing (Revolve / Like it to Knowit) and Fundraising Twist.   CREATE IN OUR COMMUNITY 1 LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP FREEBIES LIBRARY   2 LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION LIVE EVENTS AND RETREATS   3 CONNECT AND CREATE COMMUNITY IN OUR LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEUR COLLABS (Including Podcast Features, Influencer Study, and Mastermind Features)!   4 WELLNESS, MEDIA, LIFESTYLE & TRAVEL FOR BRANDS --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/create-with-katrina-julia/support

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