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How to Say Hello in 100 Different Languages So You Can Greet Anyone

Before you visit a country, it’s smart to learn how to say hello. [Read More]

How To Travel Safely During The Pandemic | Bel Around The World

With my whole career revolving around the travel industry, I’ve witnessed first-hand how the travel industry has shaken due to the pandemic.  Countries that were once popular tourist destinations (e.g....

The Best Hotels in St Maarten & St Martin

Are you wondering where to stay in St Maarten?

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16 Amazing Hotels in Missoula, MT You Have to Check Out | Alex on the Map

Having been born in Missoula, I’ve seen it grow from a fairly small town to a surprisingly urban

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The Gift Of Giving That Keeps Giving | Bel Around The World

In line with my new year resolutions for this year (I also touched some the past few years), I’ve al [Read More]

Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Kaikoura: Worth Waking Up at 4 a.m.

Swimming with wild dolphins in New Zealand is an experience unlike any other. [Read More]

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