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Photo editing made ease with Colorcinch – Dad of Divas

If you love to take pictures you know that they do not always turn out the way that you want. However, many of the programs that are out there to adjust your images are challenging to understand and many times expensive. Just recently I learned about a new site called Cartoonize which uses Colorcinch technology […]

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20 Fantastic Hotels in Skagway, Alaska – Alex on the Map

When most people visit the Inside Passage, they tend to take a cruise and stay on the ship. However, if you can manage to spend some time on land and book one of the hotels in Skagway, Alaska, you’re in […]

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Simple And Affordable Ways To Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your House

Enhancing curb appeal on a limited budget can be difficult. [Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Muttontown Preserve | Alex on the Map

During the pandemic, Daniel and I did not have too many options when it came to exploration.

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How to Get Money for Your Travels

Traveling the world is a wonderful experience and one that people of all ages are interested in

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Lebanese Passport Visa-Free Countries

One of the biggest concerns Lebanese passport holders have when planning a vacation is obtaining

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