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Guilt Free Apple Cider Donuts | The Healthy Voyager

As we inch closer to October, Fall is really about to take off and that means yummy apple cider. But while we love to drink it, eating it in a…

The post Guilt Free Apple Cider Donuts first appeared on The Healthy Voyager.

The post Guilt Free Apple Cider Donuts appeared first on The Healthy Voyager.

Baked Oats | The Healthy Voyager

Well summer is gone and we are back to work and school and busy schedules.

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Air Fried Veggie Chips | The Healthy Voyager

Air frying is all the rage and I’m a big fan too!

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Stupid Easy Pasta Sauce | The Healthy Voyager

Sometimes you need pasta or pizza sauce but have none in the house.

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Sweet Potato Peanut Coconut Curry Stew | The Healthy Voyager

No matter what time of year, I love making stews and soups in my crockpot because it makes weekn

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Savory Bouillon Dressing – The Healthy Voyager

Making your own dressings and marinades is super easy, budget friendly and also good for your he

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Southern Pot Pie – The Healthy Voyager

Who doesn’t love a little individual pot pie?

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Savory Mushroom Stew – The Healthy Voyager

It’s still a bit chilly outside so why not warm up with a hearty, savory stew!

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Gluten Free at Wegmans: Part II | Gluten Free Destinations

I’ve compiled a Part II of my Gluten Free Wegmans list that’s populated with my most

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