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Things to do in Baden-Baden, Germany

Plenty of pleasant things to do in Baden-Baden, Germany. Stroll the historic thermal town, soak in a spa, visit a museum, or see breathtaking views over the Black Forest.

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48 Hours in Berlin Germany -Top-10 Things to Do in Berlin [Video Included]

If you only have 48 hours in Berlin, I recommend sticking near the city center. Berlin is the capital of Germany and is quite expansive, so the following recommendations are concentrated around the city center so that you can get the most of your time in this incredible European capital. Brandenburg Gate – Top Attraction […]

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Best European Christmas Markets

Best European Christmas Markets

In Europe, Christmas markets are a treasured holiday tradition. Here are some of our favorites.

Dachshund Museum and Art in Passau, Germany

Dachshund Museum and Art in Passau, Germany

The Passau dachshund museum in Germany was such an incredibly pleasant surprise. And what we…

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23 Fun Facts about Wiesbaden, Germany

Here are some fun facts about Wiesbaden, Germany, a historic thermal town.

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Things to do in Thermal town Bad Ems, Germany

The core of Bad Ems, Germany is essentially unchanged since its days as a thermal spa destinatio

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Things to see and do in Freiburg in one day

Freiburg, Germany, is a lovely little city with narrow cobbled streets, charming architecture, a

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What to see in Frankfurt in 1-2 days

You’ll only have a short time in Frankfurt?

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Taking the waters at European hot springs

In the 19th century, European hot springs became gathering places for the rich and titled, and t

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