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Ep 116: Believe Your Way to Bad Ass with Celeste Rains – Turk by CREATE with Katrina Julia

Feature with Celeste Rains - Turk     Entrepreneur, Coach, Best Selling Author of Believe Your Way to Bad Ass, NPC Bikini Competitor, Podcast Host: Confessions of a Bikini Pro, Featured on Thrive + Countless Other Publications + Podcasts Celeste is on a mission to help others start Building More than Just a Body by emphasizing the importance of self-love, confidence, mindset, wellness development, behavior change modification planning, and long term success strategies all coming together with the proper training and nutrition programs.       ........Feature Spotlight   We talk how we connected via Team Edge, and both competing in 2018, and setting up an Instagram group!        Believing Your Way to Bad Ass          We will get into:   1) Welcome + Highlights   2) Foundation and Family   3) Mindset and Transformation   4) Believe Your Way to Bad Ass   5) Passion + Purpose + Vision   6) Daily Practices    7) Her Focus from Health to Mindset to Competitors   8) Now, Then How   9) Vision for the Future   10) Freedom for Your Life     Connect with Celeste!       We hope you love to create community with us!     CREATE IN OUR COMMUNITY     1 CREATION CLUB: FREE 14 DAY CHALLENGE SNEAK PEAK INTO OUR MONTHLY MASTERMIND WITH HEALTH, WEALTH,BI IN 1: WITH 12 THEMES!     2 HOW TO CREATE + LAUNCH ONLINE COURSE IN A WEEK: FREE WEBINAR     3 HOW TO BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INFLUENCERS + GET RESULTS: FREE WEBINAR     4 OUR ENTIRE FIT LIFE CREATION FREEBIE LIBRARY TO CREATE A LIFE + BIZ YOU LOVE     5 LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP INFLUENCER + BRAND COLLABORATIONS     6 BRAND INTEGRATIONS WITH WELLNESS, LIFESTYLE, FUNDRAISERS, + HOSPITALITY!     7 GIVE ME MORE!!! Want to create with our community live?!!!!!   We've got Atlanta coming up in August + Brazil in September!   We get the 411 with creating courses at our upcoming national events and/or retreats!!!    Along with hands on activities + how to's + behind the scenes in online + live experiences with FIT Life Creation: Lifestyle Brand: Health, Wealth, Biz in 1   Think Amazon Meets Airbnb for Transformation with Influencer Marketing (Revolve / Like it to Knowit) and Fundraising Twist.      Let's create, transform, and inspire.     Highlights:   You’ve heard some entrepreneurial stories when people are past the biggest challenges on the other side, but not the stories in the nitty gritty.   You're a side hustler, or founder in the early to middle stages, and want more guidance.   You’ve perhaps wanted to take your side hustle to full time, but you are not exactly sure how to.   You are ready to share your story, your experience, and your brand out there, so you hang on through the process.   You are a brand, and you love creating content, courses, community (and /or would love to explore it and learn more!)   You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to make momentum and to keep it in every area of your live.     What if…   What if you handled your mindset?   What if you knew you are not alone?   What if you tuned in with those in the journey?   What if you created smart with tips, tools, and tech?   What if you created what you loved?   What if you created a 6 Pack of Wealth?   What if you had a road map for your brand?   What if you built with the foundation to succeed?   What if you were clear on how to create stability?   What if you created a Lifestyle Brand?   What if you saw and grew the limitless possibilities?       Imagine the return… Imagine the results…       It is possible to create it. How do I know?   I UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE. FROM FEAR FOCUS TO FAITH FILLED FROM SELF HATE TO LOVE FROM BATTERED RELATIONSHIP IN 20'S + DEVALUING MYSELF TO PURITY  ​ FROM CORPORATE TO CALLING ​ FROM PEOPLE PLEASING + PROFITS TO  PASSION + PURPOSE, THEN PEOPLE + PROFITS ​ FROM CHAOS TO CALM AND CREATING A LIFE AND BUSINESS I LOVE + HE --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/create-with-katrina-julia/support

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