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Kosi Forest Lodge -an enchanted forest hideaway

Kosi Forest Lodge Review “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. [Read More]

Ep 130: Create Retreats: 3 Ways to Create Retreats to Transform and Travel (And Retreats Types Best for You) by CREATE with Katrina Julia

Create Retreats: 3 Ways to Create Retreats to Transform and Travel (And Retreats Types Best for You) Full Post and Sneak Peeks Below  https://www.fitlifecreation.com/post/create-retreats-3-ways-to-create-retreats-to-transform-and-travel-and-retreats-types-best-for-you You love to travel and have new experiences. You have experiences across the globe. Everything from adventure to relaxing stays in resorts. You are in love with travel and who you get to become as you literally explore yourself and the world. Yet, something inside of you is itching to not only getaway, but to recharge, stay healthy, create, and connect with a. community while traveling   You want to create a life and business you love. You want a community to connect, create, and cultivate with. You want to transform and travel.   It's easy to see why Global Wellness economy is a. $4.2 Trillion industry and why it continues to grow.. Traveling helps you release stress, reinvent yourself, increase happiness, and enhance creativity. You want fun, food, fitness, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and community.   You may want to Create Retreats to Transform and Travel, or you may want to know what retreat types are best for you to attend.   There's plenty of ways to create retreats and to transform and travel whether you create retreats, or attend one. After you read this, you will be clear on 3 ways to create retreats to transform and travel (and what retreats types are best for you to attend).   Follow the Create Retreats: 3 Ways to Create Retreats to Transform and Travel: (And Retreats Types Best for You) It will plant the side, and help you get clear to create your own retreats or attend wellness retreats!   You may also want to check out our domestic and international retreats (New Orleans, Atlanta, Brazil coming up), and/or get the 411 as soon as our How to Create + Launch Retreats course drops!   These are 3 Ways to Create Retreats to Transform and Travel (And Retreats Types Best for You) for creating a life, business, and community you love.   So let's create retreats and explore the 3 ways to create retreats to Transform and Travel. In each section, I will also give you insight into retreat types best for you to create and/or attend.   I'm sharing here ways to get clear with who are and what you offer, themes you love, and tribes and technology you love.     1) Know Your Passion and Purpose If you want to create retreats, it is important to get to know yourself even better. You want to dig deep on what you love, your value, and all you have to offer.   Ask yourself what do you. love? What have you overcome? What are your gifts, talents, and abilities? How may you serve? Who would you love to connect the community with? Make a list and journal this out. You may want to. take the free video series on How Passion + Purpose = Profits   For example, I am crystal clear I love our creator, health, wealth, business, travel, and the beach. So, whether I am creating a retreat or attending one - you clearly get the picture what I love to create.   This activity will also help you get clear on your theme for the retreat you create or attend and the community you want to create with.   2) Get an Idea of the Theme for Retreats   I'm sure you got the sense that I am multi-passionate. It wouldn't surprise me if you are too and you love the idea of creating retreats with multiple components and activities. You may also love retreats that are solely focused on an adventure or solely focused on yoga.   Guess what -. whether you create them and/or you attend them - you have the freedom to choose! You also have the freedom to one time create one theme, and the next time another. The same goes for the retreats you choose to attend!   You want to think about what you will want the day to be like, workshops v. down-time, adventure v. community service, rejuvenation v. jam - packed. You have the. freedom to create and change.   If you want more on the themes, you may love my book on cr --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/create-with-katrina-julia/support

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