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Rafting the Grand Canyon – Episode 766 – Amateur Traveler

Hear about Rafting the Grand Canyon as the Amateur Traveler talks to patrons of the show Robin P

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Road Trip – Blue Ridge Parkway (Podcast)

Hear about a road trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina as the Amat

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Folly Beach Restaurants – 10+ Epic Places To Try in 2021 – Amateur Traveler

Folly Beach, South Carolina is a charming coastal town about 20 minutes south of Charleston.

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22 Best Views of the Golden Gate Bridge – A Guide for Photographers – California Travel

The Golden Gate Bridge is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

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Souvenirs from California – What the Locals Recommend – California Travel

As my thousands of pictures of California attest, my favorite souvenir is usually a photograph.

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Travel to Florida’s Space Coast (Podcast) – Amateur Traveler

Hear about travel to Florida’s Space Coast as the Amateur Traveler talks to Stacey Marmolejo abo

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Park Model RV – Staying at an RV Resort without an RV in Paso Robles – California Travel

We had just come back to our vacation home from a day of wine tasting and exploring the Paso Rob

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The Best Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Spots In Florida – Amateur Traveler

Florida is, by far, one of the most unique states in the entire country.

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Missions of California Map – All 21 California Missions from South to North – California Travel

I grew up in California where every 4th-grade student needs to learn about California history an

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